Last Walls is a partnership between Thiscene Media and If Walls Could Talk. Every week, organizer Melizarani T. Selva gives us one of her favorite poems from the last If Walls Could Talk and we put it up on the site.

This poem was performed at IF WALLS COULD TALK vol.30 feat Marina Tan and Beverly Matujal, on Thursday, February 9, 2017. 


I Am That I Am

by Dhinesha Karthigesu


No star can write my future,
For no matter the arrangement in the sky, I will achieve greatness.
And if I have to, I will rearrange the constellations in my name
And in the name of my victories.

No palm can foretell my destiny,
For as I grow and sow and reap, the lines will fade and change.
It is but a part of my body, not a map or prophecy,
For I am destined for amazing things and my hands are there to reach them.

No numerology can plan my journey ahead,
For who created them but man.
And if man created them, then I as man can unmake them
To make them dance to my dreams and desires.

No planets can change who I want to be,
For how can a rock in space tell me a tale of my future.
I will strip it from the sky if I have to
For success is within my orbit and will be mine to have.

No person can prophesize my life’s timeline
Because it is only within my control,
For they are but human, and I am much, much more,
For the Divine resides within me and the Universe bows to my will.

I am that I am.
I am one with God.
With the Divine on my side, how can I ever possibly not succeed?
For the cosmos is vibrating into motion for none but me.

I will follow the stars to my true North.
I will grasp success with my bare hands.
I will watch numbers rise like a wave.
I will leave my legacy like a floating planet,
For I am human, but I am also much much more.



Dhinesha Karthigesu is a queer writer, reader and storyteller who is on an adventure to be a full time father to his future kids. He runs The Godparent Interviews on and the Dear Future Husband webseries on Youtube.


If Walls Could Talk is a live poetry night at Gaslight Cafe, Plaza Damansara, every second Thursday of the month.