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In celebration of National Poetry Writing Month, Last Walls will showcase 2 poems from Spill The Ink Poetry Lab, “a monthly poetry lab welcoming poets from all ages, pages and stages.” Spill The Ink is an initiative of If Walls Could Talk.

This poem was posted on Friday, April 18, 2017.

Dating 101

by Swit Marie


It’s all about the branding,
If you don’t believe me
Just look at sales and marketing.

Shoppers go for certain brands
Much like…
How each person has a type
Or follow many trends.

If you like the type
Or follow the hype
You’ll take a closer look
Or instantly get hooked.

They all come with a different price tag,
It is within your range
Or way out of your league?
Should you commit or change?

Some like to window-shop
Look but not touch
Because touch and see
have to pay money.

Some are serious buyers
They challenge others
Make sure they are the highest bidder
Pay or do what ever to end up as the winner.

Some like collecting trophies
For display only,
Kept in mint condition
And have no other function.

Some will find their perfect pair,
Their absolute favourite
For every day wear,
Fit for all occasions,
It goes with them everywhere,
Their very own limited edition
That they show off without a care.

Swit Marie is a recuperating ex-houseman, a jacqueline of all trades and runs a poetry blog called The Muruku Murmurations. She ventures to make a living out of her passions and is passionate about living. She rhymes all the time, determined to write about any theme and collaborate in every way possible. Currently, she is a volunteer for If Walls Could Talk, the place that revived her love for poetry and helped her find herself again.

If Walls Could Talk is a live poetry night at Gaslight Cafe, Plaza Damansara, every second Thursday of the month.